Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee is a sales trainer, coach and strategist.

Over the past 13 years he has used and developed his skills, working with thousands of salespeople and managers across Australia and Europe. Johnny believes sales can be and should be simple even for the most complex of products, services and organisations.

Johnny was number 1 salesperson for a division of global insurance giant FAI in the late 1990s, subsequently pursuing success in sales, training and corporate leadership roles across Australia. In recent years, he has led a range of clients to success in industries as diverse as biotechnology, education, real estate and security at both a national and international level.

His leadership and passion for sales in these roles has seen revenue for one client grow 50 fold in under a year, with another managing an increase in company valuation from $2m to $15m in just 18 months. His most recent role was CEO of the National Student Development Program, Talent Generation.

Johnny is passionate about delivering robust, results focused sales strategy, empowering businesses to take action and achieve significant growth.