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Every business and every team will have their own unique challenges and objectives. Our integrated learning solutions are specially designed to be customisable and scalable, ensuring that our clients get training and consultation outcomes that precisely target their current needs, independent of size or location.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Channel’s executive leadership coaching focuses on training leaders to thrive in an evolving business environment. Our coaching methodology helps leaders reframe their perspective about leadership by equipping leaders with valuable skills that make them highly effective and confident. Executive leadership coaching programs by Channel are not just a set of protocols but, highly specialised and context-driven programs that provide executives with the tools they need to succeed in high-stakes leadership roles.

Our expert team harnesses diverse experience from a range of industries to create specialised programs that deliver smart, effective and actionable solutions.

Paul Kelly

CEO of The Channel Group, Paul has more than 30 years experience as a communications adviser, facilitator and personal coach to senior executives and Directors. He has worked with a number of major Australian and International firms, facilitating strategic planning, advising on major bids as well as developing and coaching senior executives in high-stakes communication.


Posted 06/02/2019


Poor ethics? What a waste!

Paul Kelly

I detest waste. It smacks of loss, of opportunity cost and often of laziness.   In the last 35 years, I have never witnessed such multi-level waste as …

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