New business prospecting

Six points to set apart great prospectors

1. Set Aside Time

Make it a priority every day or a few days a week, call and email everyone you set out to.

2. Have A Plan

Prospect the right people in the right organisations at the right time.

3. Be Consistent

If having a long term consistent business appeals to you then you must be consistent with your prospecting.  If you have plenty of spare time to prospect then you are not doing enough work.

4. Take a Long Term View

Over 80% of new business goes to the salesperson who made 4 calls or more, yet most people give up after one call.  Show the client that they are worthwhile following up.

5. Prepare

Before making a call or sending an email, take a couple of minutes to understand the client and what drives them.  Remember, this call is supposed to be about them and what value you can bring them.

6. Measure

It is important to know if your conversion rates are high, low, consistent or inconsistent.  Keep an accurate record of your activity and your results so that you can compare and assess your results.