Happy Body at Work

Paul Kelly - July 21, 2014

Once in every five or six years, I come across a program of its time.

Never before have we all been under so much pressure at work. Expectations of our shareholders, our managers and our teams have never been greater and many of us are feeling high levels of mental and physical stress.

Happy Body at Work, designed by Anna-Louise Bouvier together with ABC Commercial, is an innovative, 8-week multimedia wellness program that focuses on the four key lifestyle areas of sitting, moving, stress and sleep. It is designed to give employees and individuals simple strategies to help take the load off body and mind, both at work and at home.

It is a highly practical, effective and inexpensive evidence-based program for sedentary workplaces to improve energy, resilience and team performance and aims to engage and empower employees at work and home.

Check it out: http://happybodyatwork.com.au/