Balance with your own ‘Third Place’

Paul Kelly - November 23, 2015

Ray Oldenburg wrote a series of essays about the importance of ‘third places ’- neutral grounds where people can congregate without corporate or family agendas.

Recently I have observed the importance of a ‘third place’ in a number of specific high-level coaching situations as a circuit breaker to the stress of corporate and family pressures.

The pursuit of balance is often over-simplified.

Some practical thoughts……

If you feel out of balance or under pressure, find a highly accessible ‘third place’ – one that is welcoming, agenda-free and where the tone is warm and enjoyable.

If you have a ‘third place’ already, and don’t get there enough, apply the same diary discipline you would to a business meeting or a family gathering.

Having your own ‘third place’ can instantaneously deliver what might have previously seemed unattainable: balance, peace, relaxation and, most importantly, a sense of perspective.