Areas of Expertise

Channel offers a range of bespoke corporate coaching programs to suit the specific business needs of Australian organisations. The core pillars of our corporate coaching programs are effective communication, ethics, mental resilience, business strategy and sales aptitude. We coach corporate leaders to transform challenges into opportunities through a practical approach to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe corporate coaching is a powerful methodology to increase confidence and self-insight, which not only strengthens resilience, but also improves effectiveness at work. Explore our expertise.

Building Critical Capability through...


Compelling Communication

We help managers and leaders take positive steps that transform problems into opportunities and meaningfully engage audiences. We explore the art of compelling conversations, framing through storytelling and how to negotiate confidently with a variety of stakeholders.

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Programs on Compelling Communication

Strategy Development and Implementation

Practical and effective strategic planning helps businesses identify the basis on which they choose to compete and build sustainable competitive advantage. But strategy is only part of the equation. Effective implementation of strategy is a challenge that many organisations struggle with, but it is a challenge that can be overcome.

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Programs on Strategy Development and Implementation

Sales and Pitching

Selling is both an art and a science. In a competitive market, great selling skills, processes and analytics are often the difference between winning and losing. Great selling requires a suite of different skills and focus working together to create a compelling story and a persuasive pitch.

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Programs on Sales and Pitching

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful methodology to increase confidence, self-insight, facilitate learning and clarify ideas in order to build relationships with others.

The confidence that comes with relating your audience, understanding their motivations and being able to connect with them on a human level, builds genuine connections and opens many doors for the emotionally intelligent manager.

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Programs on Executive Coaching


Often underestimated but exceedingly important, living up to the highest standards of ethics is now more vital than ever. Not only is it good for the community, it is good for business. A sound understanding of the role ethics play in modern organisations and how they influence business growth is a powerful competitive advantage.

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Mental Health and Resilience

Increasing personal awareness and improving work/life integration not only strengthens resilience, it also improves your effectiveness and enables you to scale up your output without putting your well-being at risk.

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