Applied Ethics

- Paul Kelly

Ethics, honesty and transparency have a powerful effect not only on your brand, but on business results and profitability as well.
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Applied Ethics

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Learning Outcomes

Identify ethical issues
Assess those issues for importance
Decide what to do
Act accordingly


This program will provide a practical and informative introduction to ethics – applying it to the world in which we work and live.

It will assist in building ethical awareness and provide practical frameworks to help you make better decisions, feel better about those decisions and the way in which you communicate those decisions.


01. Identify ethical issues

This module discusses the importance of identification of ethical issues in the first place.

It provides practical frameworks to think about and identify ethical issues together with the role that individuals can play in their identification. It also introduces some practical tools to help identify ethical issues and to assess your level of comfort with those issues.

02. Assess ethical issues

Once ethical issues are identified, it is critical to assess their importance. This module discusses the need to make ethical judgements with a consistent and practical framework to consider competing interests and to weigh up those interests. As a consequence, individuals will be in a better position to both make the right judgement and to better explain the process they applied to assess ethical issues.

03. Decide on the ethics of an issue

Once you have assessed ethical issues and made appropriate judgements about the importance of those issues, it is appropriate to decide what to do about them. This module examines a practical approach to weighing up options for action and to considering consequences of acting or of not acting in each case. Once you have decided on a course of action with the right process, you can be in a confident position to explain the process of decision-making to others.

04. Act on the ethics of an issue

Following your decision on ethical issues, this step is about following through with planned action. This module considers the potential impediments or barriers to action and considers what to do about those barriers so that action taken is consistent with your decisions. It also considers the important step of communicating your actions to others.

Reporting for organisations

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